Nicholas Bredimus - Information About the Software Consultant

Nicholas Bredimus

Information About the Software Consultant

Taken note yet of how a multitude of advances in software have totally redesigned hospitality and air travel as you have known them in the past years? Most responsible is New Jersey's own Nicholas Bredimus. His career highlights include time-saving computer software, aircraft safety developments, and even the design of high-value houses. He brings true energy to all these fields, too. Examining Mr. Nicholas Bredimus' pedigree, anyone could see he was destined to rise to the top. With roots back to classical times and in fact Nicholas' family tree ties in with much of Europe.

On his mother's side he boasts Scottish and German origins. An equivalently varied blend stands out in the paternal branch --- prior to coming to America near the end of the nineteenth century, Bredimus' forerunners made their homes in England and Luxembourg. This dauntless drive prevailed on arrival. One of seven siblings, Nicholas had a father who worked as a design engineer and a mother who earned her living as a practicing nurse. He would dwell in the Lone Star State for quite some while as well as in Reston, VA, Kansas City, MO and Scottsdale, AZ.

What, you might ask, did Nicholas Bredimus do with his upbringing and studies? A string of high powered roles were soon his, each as part of big airlines. Nicholas Bredimus ascended to the rank of VP with businesses like Hughes Airwest, Trans World Airlines (TWA), and Republic Airlines. Most prominent, even considering this, was his prowess as a gifted programmer for the airlines. Mr Bredimus is certainly most famous for the airplane maintenance software he designed on behalf of US Airways, which eventually evolved into the industry standard.

He designed countless other programs for the hotel and airline sectors both before and after, including robotic systems to handle airline reservations, employed now at over 50 firms, not to mention the original PC based room booking software in use in the hotel sector, the launch for which took place at over 700 hotels. Following that would come an online, networked system for ticketing that stands as a first. He has been appointed to several posts entirely unconnected to software development, let's remember. Major positions with American Airlines and American Express were to come, and as you may know he started up a firm of his own seventeen years ago.

Having departed from the fields that first gave him success, his capabilities are, regardless, still in demand. He's at work now mastering architecture --- mixing the requirements of aesthetics with authentic concern for our environment.